The world of video games has gone from being a mere entertainment to become a way of life for many gamers. Hours of playing cause drops and drops of sweat that prevent the game from developing accurately.

The solution: STOP SUDOR Hands and feet.


1. Apply a small amount on clean, dry hands and / or feet.

2. Spread the product vigorously for about 15 seconds on the area to be treated until it is completely absorbed.

It can be applied as many times as you want.

In some cases the hands may appear white when the product is applied but they will return to its normal state when washed with water.

frequently asked questions

How long does it take to perform?

As soon as you start applying the product you will notice dryness in the hands. The effect is immediate.

How long does its effect last?

The effect varies depending on the pH of each person but, at least, 2 hours.

If I use it frequently, will it clog pores like regular antiperspirants do?

It is a product created to give an immediate solution for situations of limited duration such as sporting events, social events, etc. it has no contraindications. But if any discomfort, it is easily removed with water.

Can I use it anywhere on the body?

It is indicated for Hands and Feet. It has not been formulated for underarms or other more sensitive parts of the body.

If I wet my hands will the effect go away?

If the contact with water is minimal, the effect is not lost.

My skin is very dry, can I use the product?

It is a dermatologically tested product and has no contraindication.



Any sport needs precision either to achieve a better result or to avoid injuries.

Sweat can make you miss a shot in basketball, slippery golf gloves that will prevent you from putting the ball in the hole, sliding racket in tennis, paddle, badminton or ping-pong. When you are ready to score a touchdown in American football or rugby, sweat will make the ball escape ending up in the hands of the other team, you will not hold the bat in baseball and end up with a strike instead of a homerun. A soccer goalkeeper gets an easy ball but will end up doubling the hand or a field player sending a throw to the opponent. All that can frustrate you. And, if you’re a professional, it can cost millions in losses and the disappointment of millions of people.

But it can still be worse… apart from the competitive aspect and what you can lose, sweat can cause you to slip the weights at weightlifting out of your hands making injuries or have an accident when cycling. In gymnastics you fall of the colt, or your partner escapes in ballet, in bowling you can break a finger, when jogging, your feet can sweat you to fall on the road, or when you are climbing a mountain, a sweaty hands can make you let go the rope and…

A little bit of STOP SUDOR Hands and feet in training ends all that immediately for quite a long time.


Regardless of whether a person is sweat-prone or not, musicians are exposed to its negative effects for three reasons. First of all, the stress of playing live. Even the most experienced musicians have to face situations of real stress. The second, because of the high temperatures that they have to play many times in the summer and, often dressed in clothes that still give them more heat. The third, because sweat is corrosive and affects, for example, all stringed instruments.

STOP SUDOR Hands and feet is the musician’s best ally. An application prior to the concert and play safe!


A blurred photograph is often the result of sweaty hands on hot days, but also occupational accidents in outdoor work with hands that slide under the gloves.

All that is over with STOP SUDOR Hands and feet.


A job interview, a speech in front of people, a romantic first date… any situation in public causes stress to a greater or lesser extent and there is a great chance of excessive sweating leading to un-pleasant situations.

Forget sticky hands. STOP SUDOR Hands and feet helps you recover your confidence and focus on what really matters.


The danger of sweaty hands at the wheel goes beyond any other problem. Even being a person whose hands do not sweat, you always have the risk of sweating in high temperatures even with the air conditioning on or even by just the touch of the steering wheel.

STOP SUDOR Hands and feet accompanies you to give you, your family and all drivers around you safety when you drive.